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Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

October   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


26th October

Saturday 26th October - Chromefest

A tribute to classic American Rock & Roll, Autos and Hot Rods


27th October

Sunday 27th October - Chromefest

A tribute to classic American Rock & Roll, Autos and Hot Rods


29th October

Tuesday 29 October 2019 - AV SIG

Audio Visual Special Interest Group Meeting


30th October

Wednesday 30th October - A Day at Retford Park

A day at Retford Park, a National Trust property located in Bowral
Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

November   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


6th November

Wednesday 6th November - Sculptures by the Sea

Photograph Sculptures by the Sea and surrounding seascapes


12th November

Tuesday 12th November - Roy Killen

Meeting the Challenges of Nature Photography

Tuesday 12th November - Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

Macro at Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens


16th November

Saturday 16th November - BMX Racing - Castle Hill

Practise your panning and shutter speeds skills


18th November

Monday 18 November 2019 - Nature & Sports/Action SIG

Nature & Sports/Action Special Interest Group Meeting


19th November

Tuesday 19 November 2019 - Portraiture SIG

Portraiture Special Interest Group Meeting

Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

December   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


7th December

Saturday 7 December 2019- Christmas Party

Club Christmas Party & Presentation Night

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Tuesday 11th June 2019 Workshop. Phil Ramsden - Macro Photography

Member of various camera clubs in Australia, USA and England since 1959.

Trained in Pathology Technology in Sydney,  worked at  Johns Hopkins University, USA, School of Medicine in research  1965-1971,

Travelled in South and Central America, most of the US National Parks and a circumnavigation of the Mediterranean by land in University holidays.

Photography has always been a reason to travel.

Worked in London before returning to Australia Overland through Middle East, Iran , Afghanistan, Pakistan , India etc taking 9 months for the trip

Worked  for Leica Microsystems 1980-2000, specialising in macro and micro photography and Microsurgery sales..

Taught at Sydney TAFE, Scientific photography , part time 1980-2000.

Married 45 years to the same all suffering wife and produced 2 amazing children.

Still active in photographic circles outside camera clubs,eg Institute of photographic Technology, AIMBI, Light Microscopy Australia and naturally still use 4x5 inch film cameras and process photographs at home.

You can bring your camera, macro lenses and tripods.
They might also like to bring samples to photograph, you know like 10 carat diamonds, that sort of thing!

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