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Sunday 28th October 2018 - Sunrise Tour Tin City

October Outing    A Sunrise Tour Tin City

Sunday morning 28th October
Cost $35 (note this may be cheaper and we will refund the difference)
What is Tin city according to one story Tin City was started by homeless men during the Depression? When World War II came along, these men went off to war. By the time they came back, their huts had been buried by sand, so they rebuilt them, using driftwood and old military crates that washed up. 
A better description is the photos on the web, for example   
As the only way to access is by 4  wheel drive we have organised a tour led by Port Stephens 4 wheel drive tours  ( sorry on this club excursion you cannot take your own vehicle as we have organised a large 4 wheel drive bus to take us). Departure is from Anna bay at the north end of Stockton beach. 
Local breakfast after the event is at Rubi Blu Café very close to where we return,  I will need numbers to allow us to book.

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