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Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

July   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


25th July

Tuesday 25th July 2017 Competition Night

Competition night.
Open and Set Subject.
Set Subject is:Your Most Amazing Photo
Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

August   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


1st August

Tuesday 1st August 2017 AGM -Lecture Night

Annual General Meeting
Lecture Night after AGM


6th August

Sunday -6th August 2017- Pro Show Gold Workshop

A full day's workshop on using Pro Show Gold v8 to generate Audio - visual presentations


8th August

Tuesday 8th August 2017 - Workshop Night

Subject: Boudoir posing and directing

Presenters: Kira Likhterova


22nd August

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 - Competition Night

Competition night.
Open and Set Subject.
Set Subject is: Religion


31st August

Thursday 31 August 2017 = Ship 'n' Shore Tour

Thursday 31 August 2017
Let the Knowledgeable volunteer guide take you on a half day
tour of Sydney Heritage Fleet.
Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

September   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


12th September

Tuesday 12th September 2017 - Workshop Night

Presentation: Learn from the Masters

Presenters: Mitzi Vardill


26th September

Tuesday 24th September 2017 - Competition Night

Competition night.
Open and Set Subject.
Set Subject is Monochrome

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About Us

The Castle Hill RSL Photography Club, formed in 1994 as the Hills Photographic Society and later renamed the Hills Camera Club, is an expanding club of around 300 members who have a diverse range of experience and talent. We endeavour to be an informative and social club with friendly competitions, social outings and events. A strong point of our club is the emphasis on training that we have.

We meet three times a month on the first, second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:30pm, unless otherwise stated, at the

Castle Hill RSL Club

Usually, our monthly program normally consists of:

  • a lecture night, where specific subjects are covered e.g. nature
    photography or studio work
  • a workshop night where members can have questions and issues
    resolved. This is generally a very informal night where other members
    or visiting experts discuss issues of relevance, and
  • a competition night, where members submit entries
    to be judged by an independent external judge. Awards issued count
    towards a yearly point score system and a trophy. The judge
    generally discusses the merits of each photo and provides comments
    on how improvements can be made. This is an excellent way to
    improve your photography.

We have outings several times a year with the objective of improving your photography as well as meeting and socialising with other members.

At the beginning of each year we publish our program for the next twelve months. The program varies every year and we try to have competition subjects that stretch members’ creative limits.

The only equipment you require is a film or digital camera, and an interest in improving your photographic skills.

The social side of the club is very important to us. We like to have fun and a chat during supper and after the meeting.

Before you can become a member of the Castle Hill RSL Photography Club it is a prerequisite that you are a member of either the Castle Hill RSL or Parramatta RSL clubs. The application form for the Castle Hill RSL is available on the RSL Club website or at the membership office of the club.

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